What is Nurse Practitioner?

What Is a Practitioner?

Nursing Practitioners have completed Master’s or Doctorate degree in nursing. They have undergone further training in clinical care, and their skills go beyond those of a Registered Nurse. They have also taken clinical and didactic courses that give them advanced knowledge and clinical competency to provide acute care, primary care, and long-term health care facilities.


Nursing Practitioners undergo clinical outcome evaluations, national certifications, periodic peer reviews, and adhere to a code for ethical practices. This ensures that they can provide their clients with quality care services that are guided by morals highlighted by nursing ethics. NPs also need to maintain their competencies as professionals through professional developments and self-directed continued learning. They also involve themselves in healthcare forums both in professional and lay settings and research to further healthcare knowledge applied in the clinical practices.

Unique Approach

NPs focus on the holistic health and well-being of their clients. With their expertise in disease prevention, health promotion, counseling, and health educations, they can guide their clients in managing their health. They can also guide them in making lifestyle and care decisions that can lessen their out-of-pocket costs and help them live better lives.

Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic is operated by Vishnu Maya Upadhyay, a triple-certified family, women, and mental health nurse practitioner. Should you desire to see a medical doctor (MD or DO), you should make an appointment at another clinic. While Vishnu Upadhyay collaborates with Umer Ahmed, the supervising doctor for family practice and medical care is rendered by a nurse practitioner as provided by state and federal regulations.
Vishnu Maya Upadhyay
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