At Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic , we strive to offer excellent customer service to the people we serve. Check out our clients’ feedback about our people, our service, and our company.

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63 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Dr.Maya was great, very professional and understanding of the problems. I will be coming back.

  2. Dr Maya is excellent and very thorough. The wait time is fast and the staff is courteous! 😊 Definitely recommend Dr Maya! …

  3. Awesome experience with Dr Maya I would recommend any woman with issues to visit her she took good care of Me got right to problems

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Maya, and I must say, she is amazing. She truly listens to your needs and provides a great assessment of your health. Her attentive and caring approach made me feel well taken care of throughout my visit. I highly recommend Dr. Maya for anyone seeking excellent healthcare.

  5. Dr. Maya is wonderful! I haven’t gone to a women’s doctor in over 5 years due to trauma from my last experience. Dr. Maya was very patient with me and reassuring. She helped me overcome my fear of the women’s visit. She is very knowledgeable and very experienced. So thankful I found her. I recommend her to all of my family and friends.

  6. Dr Maya is my health care provider since years now. She is highly knowledgeable with a kind heart. She does make sure her patients gets high level of care and she even give follow up calls to see how the recovery is going after the visit.I highly recommend Dr Maya and her team.

  7. I really appreciated the care I was given during my appointment. Even the staff was kind, they offered me water and took good care of me! If you are looking for a ob or wanting to switch doctors, I definitely recommend her!

  8. Excellent place to treat behavioral health concerns. Dr. Maya is compassionate, humble and she is an expert in her field. She takes time to listen to patients’ concerns and she will design the most appropriate care plan to meet each patient’s needs. I highly recommend Dr. Maya; she is amazing!

  9. Dr Maya is an amazing healthcare provider. She takes her time with her patients and really listens to their needs and wants. The wait time is short and the staff is very accommodating. She is invested in the quality of care. I will be recommending her to all my family and friends.

  10. Dr Maya is an amazing healthcare provider. She takes her time with her patients and really listens to their needs and wants. The wait time is short and the staff is very accommodating. She is invested in the quality of care. I will be recommending her to all my family and friends.

  11. Dr.Maya is the best her work is extremely very fast and she’s very professional i recommend everyone to go to this clinic.

  12. I have no words to describe the treatment that I have received with Dr. Maya she has been so attentive to everything I have going on this is by far most the best experience with a doctor I have ever had. I finally have answers.They will be highly recommended!!!!!

  13. Dr. Maya is so sweet. She has a listening ear. She will run every clinical lab. Her staff is nice and punctual. I drive 30 mins just to see Dr. Maya.

  14. Dr. Maya is the best she really takes the time to listen to her patients needs. She sits with her patients, listens and guides them in their health care journey. She believes in caring for patients as a whole and follows up with her patients often. She really cares with compassion. You always feel when you are in the clinic you can discuss anything with her and feel comfortable. She is a awesome and thorough provider that really cares about each patients health. Five star recommend her she is the absolute best!

  15. Dr. Maya is a great advocate for patient care.
    She’s thorough and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend to both friends and family.

  16. Dr. Maya is an excellent provider who is very caring, compassionate, and empathetic towards not only to the patient, but also to the family. She is triple certified in family, women’s health and mental health. She spends time with the patients, looks into every problem in detail and will make necessary referrals as needed. She is the best provider I have ever had. I highly recommend her to others as your provider.

  17. One of the best clinic I have been to, they treat their patients with utmost respect and provide the one of best care I have experienced in a health care setting.

  18. Dr. Maya is a compassionate provider, who truly cares about her patients as a person, not just a number. She provides total care, not just treating your symptoms but addressing the root of the problem. Hands down the best!

  19. Dr. Maya was always the most caring, passionate, and helpful provider I have ever had. She stays with me, talks to me about my problems, and even councils me with stress and how to deal with it. I believe that she looks for solutions outside of prescribing drugs, and helps with lifestyle choices, mental health, and how to get better without the use of medication. I highly encourage others to have her as your provider, and you will not regret having her input in your health.

  20. This clinic have the best nurses & they’re so helpful when it comes to you health , nurse maya is A1 .

  21. I love Dr.Maya she’s the best I been coming here since 2019 she’s great and a wonderful lady ❤️ and also her nurse Destiny was wonderful also nice and sweet
    Dr.Maya is a wonderful person she does not play no games about our health she’s always on top of everything she’s the best I ever had

  22. Dr. Maya is by far the BEST and most considerate, consistent and thorough caregiver I have had the experience of being cared for by. She takes time to make sure you understand everything and asks YOUR opinion about the care she has prescribed for you. Her caring nature is the reason I have been a patient for years and will continue to as long as she is in practice. Couldn’t have found a better physician. In addition the follow up care is something that I have never experienced from any doctor. You will be hard pressed to find better care.

  23. I am so thankful for Dr.Maya I could ask for a better doctor i thank you for everything that you have done for me

  24. I love to come to Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic . I’m a college student She calls me while I’m at school for my check ups , And most of make sure of my well being.

  25. Dr Maya is an amazing doctor she takes very good care of her patients and goes out of her way to make sure you get the care you need and makes you feel like your at home love this doctor plan to keep her as long as she will have me lol please come you won’t regret it promise amazing

  26. Dr. Maya is very kind, and passionate about her profession. She answers every question or concern you have. Takes her time getting to know you and your health. I love her. My favorite doctor, I highly recommend. Even does drive through covid testing at her Garland location, just give her a call!

  27. Dr.Maya is the best.!!!
    She takes care of her patients like family.personally calls follow up to check how you are doing . I had a virtual consultation she was the same took her time ❤️ .Thank you Dr.Maya
    love your service .

  28. My daughter was having problems breathing. We went to maya healthcare and was greeted and seen by the doctor. After the doctor saw my daughter she told her that she needed to go straight to the ER, that the clinic would not be able to treat her. The Dr immediately refunded the office visit. Three days later, my daughter received a follow up call from the doctor at the clinic. The call was so appreciated and unexpected. What a caring, kind doctor. We appreciate you Dr. Maya!

  29. Love the new site! I booked my appointment a day prior to my appointment and got right in! Love Dr. Maya, very efficient and patient as well. Highly recommend.

  30. I have been going toMaya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic since August 2016, Im very satisfied with the services and Vishnu Upadhyay is Great. She is a wonderful and very knowledgeable doctor in her field. I would highly recommend her to family and friends. Very nice family clinic, friendly staff and office is clean. The doctor is very friendly and compassionate about her patients. 2021 still a proud patient of Vishnu Upadhyay.

  31. I have been with Dr. Maya for about 6 years and we love her so much. She has been great with us and see all my family. She is caring and takes good care of us. I recommend Dr. Maya to anyone

  32. I was in need for a Dr because I stayed dizzy all the time. I went to the ER a million times just to get sent home. I found Maya, made a appointment and got labs done. Within a week i was told my resluts. Dr. Maya was so helpful and always been since then. I could not of been much happier and feel more alive. I can still count on Dr. Maya she is always here when I need her and makes me feel like my health is important and not a joke. If you do not have a Dr I would recommend Dr. Maya to the fullest. She is caring and personally calls to check up on you to see how you are doing (follow up)…

  33. I’ve been coming to Dr. MAYA for over 3 years. She is so comfortable yet up front with you about your health. She even suggests food diets that will help your health. I wish she was an OBGYN!

  34. I Love Love Dr.Maya!!! She is very straight forward about everything! Her and the staff are marvelous!! I would highly recommend family/friends to visit her office!!

  35. I am a NP student. Dr. Maya was my preceptor during the months of September-october 2019. Dr. Maya is a great preceptor. She has gone above and beyond to teach me. Dr. Maya may come out strong at first but if you stick with her you will learn alot. She simply cares about your success. I would highly recommend Dr. Maya not only as a preceptor but also as a provider. I have seen her countless time show empathy and compassion. Dr. Maya goes above and beyond for her patients. She is a great advocate. She takes care of her patients as if she was taking care of her family. She practices with her heart.

  36. Good and fast service, walk in without appointment and was seen pretty fast,Dr Maya was very helpful answering all my questions

  37. I am writing this review with the utmost happiness that I received the privilege to train under Dr. Maya. Meeting her was truly a life-changing experience. Dr. Maya’s passion for her profession and her work ethic is inspiring for everyone stepping into the role of a medical practitioner. Dr. Maya is an excellent provider and she truly cares about her patients. I have seen what happens behind the scenes and how much time she spends on each individual chart to make sure everyone is well taken care of. Dr. Maya always makes sure to call and ask her patients how they are doing the very next day, after their clinical visit. Dr. Maya always puts in a lot of effort to enrich the learning of her NP students. She is a dedicated teacher and a strong mentor. Dr. Maya encourages every student under her training to put their 100% to do their best for their respective communities. Throughout my clinical practice, I have seen a wonderful mentor, a devoted teacher, and an excellent provider in Dr. Maya. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Maya.
    Mobin. NP student/Maryville university.

  38. I trained with Dr. Maya as a nurse practitioner student. I can say first hand that she is an excellent healthcare provider. She cares for each and every patient she encounters. She goes the extra mile to ensure that all of the patient’s needs are met. I highly recommend her as a nurse practitioner preceptor and as a primary care provider.

  39. As a pre-med student longing to gain experience in the medical field, I walked through the doors and was immediately welcomed to the family at Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic . Dr. Maya is the best; she truly cares for her patients and will do whatever she can to make sure each person who needs care is attended to. Behind the scenes, I saw not only a staff but a family dedicated to serving every person who walks into the clinic. Every day Dr. Maya calls each patient individually asking about their day and to check up on them after their appointment, all while going over their medical chart multiple times to make sure she has provided the best treatment for them. I learned so much so quickly due to the constant support of every person in the clinic. Seeing the organized structure of the clinic and the continuous care and attention given to each of the patients I soon realized this is a place dedicated to the medical field and betterment of the community.

  40. The last doctor I took my daughter to, she left his fancy office downtown crying because he gave her no hope and had no concern for her worries. So we visited Dr Maya. This time my daughter left crying bc Dr. Maya filled her with hope and encouragement, and sound medical advise. And … Dr. Maya will continue to see her to help her on her road to real recovery and not just throw pharmaceuticals at her. How do you thank someone for that?

  41. My clinical rotation experience at Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic with Dr. Maya was challenging and rewarding. Completing my DNP scholarly project was one of the most difficult things I have done in my nursing career. Dr. Maya made every effort to assist me and ease the process. Not only did she provide direction and guidance during the project, but she also encouraged and pushed me to do my best work. I completed the project and fulfilled all requirements for the DNP degree. I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Maya!

  42. Warm and friendly staff. Great knowledgeable provider. Felt like family from the point I opened the door.

  43. Great services! Provider takes time with every patient to deliver individualized care. She is intelligent and caring. Clinic staff is friendly and goes above and beyond. This is the clinic I will recommend for holistic care with compassion. I trust them for my family, friends and my community!

  44. Meeting Dr. Maya was a truly life changing experience. She’s passionate about her patients’s care, and she put a lot of work into serving them and also the community. She is a mentor to many aspiring healthcare professionals. She goes above and beyond to help anyone. Her motto is to give optimal care to anyone regardless of their ability to pay for her services. Dr. Maya has not only gained my admiration but also my gratitude.

  45. Two years ago I came to the clinic with what turned out to be aclotting issue. She immediately set me up with the proper people and I have been a patient here ever since. She always looks after me and takes the time to really look into your issue.
    My whole family comes here now and everyone is very happy with the people and service. Thanks Ms Maya.

  46. Thanks to dr maya for my check up it was a success I love may health care she makes sure her patients are took in care of from Yvonne Garson

  47. I have been a patient of Dr. Maya’s for over 4 years now and I couldn’t be happier. She’s always so attentive and thorough that it’s evident she truly cares about her patients and is passionate about her work.

    I am able to schedule appointments without difficulty and I never wait more than 20 minutes if that. I wouldn’t go to any other clinic!

  48. Dr. Maya is an excellent provider. She takes her time to really get to know her patients and attend to their needs. She is a true meaning of a doctor that truly cares. Her passion to provide excellent patients care makes the “white coat syndrome” disappear. Thank you Dr. Maya for your care to our local community.

  49. Six years ago a very talented and knowledgeable nurse practitioner made a decision to change directions, and Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic was born. Maya brought to Garland, Texas a very caring, amiable atmosphere not found in most healthcare facilities. She truly takes a personal interest not only in her patients, but also the people that work WITH her. No one works FOR Maya. Big difference!!

    She offers medical students opportunities to intern and learn from her. In 70 years, that is a first for me and I am 100% supportive of that. Maya has so much she can share with them.

    When she opened her second clinic in Garland, there were several times that she considered closing the Garland clinic and consolidating everything in Garland. But her base and loyal patients are in Garland, so Mondays and Tuesdays she is in Garland; Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays she is in Garland.

    Her most recent endeavor, which excites her IMMENSELY, is community service. She will definitely excel there!!

    On a personal level, I have always had what is referred to as “white coat” syndrome where the blood pressure immediately rises as soon as the doctor walks into the examination room. That has never been an issue with Maya. She walks into the room and for some reason there is a calming effect. That’s pretty awesome!!!

    She has offered healthy options for my diet and everyday living, and I’m sure I frustrate her to no end when I continue the unhealthy path!!

    At present, I have the distinction of being the oldest patient that she has. I assume her other elderly patients were referred to geriatric specialists. I sincerely appreciate the fact that she is keeping me as a patient.

    In closing, I just want to say that anytime I hear that someone is looking for a healthcare provider, I always recommend Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic .

    Ron Spigener

  50. I am so impressed with the services provided by the staffs of Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic . Dr Maya is hand on, caring about her patients and her staff, carries out an excellent assessment, follow up with her patient to make sure they are improving and provides the right solution to patient’s health needs.Dr Maya even offers free health fair to different communities. This is one of the best clinics I have seen in the Dallas area.

  51. Dr. Maya is a great FNP. She takes time to see, hear, and understand each and every patient. Her clinical knowledge is superb and her people skills are unmatched. Highly recommended!

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