Get high-quality care wherever you are.

Continuing your consultation or treatment is still essential, even if you cannot leave your home. Thus, to make this happen, availing the services of a trusted telemedicine provider is a smart choice. With telemedicine, you can meet your physician virtually and still have the care that you need. You can also discuss other important matters like changes and tweaks to your care plan. Telemedicine is very beneficial especially for clients who live far away from healthcare facilities.

Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic aims to connect with patients in settings where healthcare is difficult to access. With our telemedicine service, clients can now enjoy medical emergencies immediately by calling our online physicians.

Maya Health Care & Behavioral Health Clinic provides an innovative outlet for patients seeking healthcare services at our practice. We aim to help them get reliable care for minor urgent conditions and thus, lessening waiting time.

To avail of our telemedicine services, please feel free to send us a message online or by calling us at 972-295-9090.